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Here you will find a list of everything we have to offer at the farm this holiday season!

All trees are Pre-Cut but displayed open and individually as seen above.
Before taking them home we will give them a fresh cut and net them so they are easier to get through your door!

Fraser Fir

Fraser Firs are a Christmas classic when it comes to trees.  They are known for their superb needle retention, their strong branches (great for ornament heavy homes!) and their overall silver appearance.  Their needles are soft and tightly clustered on the branch allowing for easy decorating.  They also require almost no clean up as they hold their needles the best! (Well into January! with proper care)

Due to their superior quality and long growing time (sometimes 15-25 years until ready to harvest) these are our most expensive tree.  We will have a range of sizes from 6-12 feet tall.  We can get them up to 20' but please contact us to order them in advance.

Canaan Fir

Canaan Firs are a new variety we are carrying.  They are what we consider to be a Balsam-Fraser cross although they are most closely related to Balsam.  Rivaling the Balsam in strong pine scent they also have excellent needle retention and strong branch structure like the Fraser.  They are perfect for someone who wants the best of both worlds!

Canaan Firs are our 2nd most expensive tree variety.  They are slightly faster growers than Frasers but still hold value over the Balsams with their superior qualities.  We will be carrying a smaller number of these between 6-10 feet tall.

Balsam Fir

Balsam Firs are our most popular Christmas tree variety.  They are best known for their strong pine scent, and their "full" shape.  They have soft, short needles with little spacing between branches creating a full bodied tree that you can't see through.  They hold their needles fairly well, however, their strong scent comes from the fact that they do drop some.  So you will have to plan on trading a few times vacuuming for that iconic Christmas smell! (With proper care needle loss should still be minimal as our trees are the freshest we can get!)

Balsam Firs are faster growers which means they are less expensive than the Fraser Firs and the #1 choice for most of our customers.  We will have a large selection of Balsam Firs between 3 and 14 feet tall.  We can get balsams upwards of 20 feet tall, but as with Frasers it will require an advance order.

Colorado Blue Spruce

Colorado Blue Spruce is probably the prettiest tree we carry.  It is known for its obvious blue coloring, backed by its golden branches.  Blue Spruce are less popular for indoor Christmas trees due to the fact that they have very sharp needles making it necessary to decorate wearing long sleeves and sometimes gloves!  We don't recommend this variety for houses with children as it really ruins the decorating experience for them!  They also tend to lose their needles the fastest of all the varieties once they are brought inside. However, this makes them ideal candidates if you want a tree to decorate on a porch or patio.  If you are set on a Blue Spruce for inside we just suggest waiting until closer to Christmas before setting it up to help with needle retention through the holiday.

We will only have a small selection of Colorado Blue Spruce between 6 and 8 feet tall.  They are priced similarly to the Balsam Firs with a middle of the road price point.

White Pine

White Pines are one of the two long needle trees we carry.  They are known for their silky, soft needles and wide billowy shape.  They have good needle retention and their soft needles have made them popular in homes with small children.  They tend to have the weakest branches out of all of the varieties we sell so we don't suggest them to families with heavy ornaments.

Our long needle varieties are our lowest priced trees as they are the fastest growers.  We will have a good selection of White Pines between 6 and 8 feet tall.

Handmade Balsam Wreaths, Boughs, and Roping

We carry a good selection of handmade Balsam wreaths between 20-40".  To the left our Large and X-Large wreaths are pictured.  They come with decorated with frosted pine cones, and a red velvet bow.

We also carry hand made Balsam Roping in 10' & 25' Lengths and loose Balsam and Whie Pine boughs(branches) for all of your decorating needs!

Handmade Ornaments, Centerpieces, and Decorations

We will offer a small selection of Handmade ornaments and decorations from a local artist along with small live Christmas center pieces that we make on-site!

Christmas Tree Stands

We will have a small amount of Christmas tree stands available for purchase at the farm.  If you plan on getting a VERY large tree and will need a stand feel free to ask and we will recommend a few good places to pick one up!

Tree Nutrient

Just mix with water in your tree stand for a little boost of nutrients. Our trees will last the long haul but it never hurts to give them a little help!

Christmas Tree Removal Bags

Put it down in the beginning of the season to help eliminate the mess at the end!

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