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About Us

  • About Us
    We are a family owned Agriculture Education Farm in Waukegan, Illinois. 
  • It all began in 1993 with a mother's wish to do something fun with her three small children. Planting a garden, including pumpkins is what became of that wish. As the years progressed, so did the number of pumpkins that were grown. They were placed at the roadside for people to buy and soon developed into us farming acres of pumpkins.
  • In 2002, the Corn Maze was added to the farm and we began educating people on different aspects of farming including: Corn, Farm Animals, Pumpkins, Soybeans, Bees, and Farming in Illinois. 
  • We have a passion for farming and want to share it with others. So come out and enjoy a day down on the farm and we promise you that everyone will learn something new!

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